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Issue, simplify the complex.

In the launch stage, facing massive channels, communication, SDK docking and package management often take time and effort. UltraSDK integrates the login, payment and purchase amount attribution functions necessary for mobile game launch into one SDK, allowing you to focus on game development.

  • Converged channel SDK

    Apple, Huawei, OPPO, Vivo, Xiaomi and other 100+ strictly select high-quality channels.
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  • Release SDK

    Including domestic and overseas versions, free configuration of users and payment system.

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  • Convergence of payment channels

    Google, Apple, wechat, Alipay, third-party gold flow and other domestic and overseas channels.

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Access, extremely simple.

The extreme efficiency means the extreme simplicity, while the SDK does not update, no repeated access, all efforts for your efficiency.

  • The engine layer connects to the SDK.

    Support unity, UE4

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  • One access, universal

    After 1 time SDK can be sent to both domestic and overseas.

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  • You only need to set two parameter

    Only two parameter is required for the code layer to avoid repeated code modifications.

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Operation, progress in stability.

Security is the foundation of our products, and our services are guaranteed through various mechanisms such as remote DISASTER recovery and service separation.
Powerful data analysis module provides real-time payment, user behavior, advertising attribution and other comprehensive data, to help you learn the operation situation in the first time, adjust the strategy.

Choose the right product for you

After 5 years of grinding, the RESEARCH and development team has made a lot of breakthroughs at the bottom, which not only improves user efficiency, but also provides convenient and flexible access configuration. We have launched the following three customized products according to different release and promotion strategies of users. If you have any questions, welcome to consult!

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Access UltraSDK now!


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