HERO GAMES internal incubation products

Global boutique mobile game distribution platform

The internal incubation and distribution plan of the hero game has created popular games such as《Battle Double Pamish》, 《Creativity and Magic"》 and 《Extreme Unmatched 2》

10 years+industry experience accumulation

300million +players

101+aggregation channels


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Our Advantages

In the launch stage, facing massive channels, communication, SDK docking and package management often take time and effort. UltraSDK integrates the login, payment and purchase amount attribution functions necessary for mobile game launch into one SDK, allowing you to focus on game development.

  • Stable and Secure

    Key interfaces such as login and payment support anti swipe encryption

    Server supports high concurrency, up to 50,000 QPS

    Decoupling critical business logic to reduce the likelihood of major accidents.

  • Industry experience

    Aggregating 100+ high-quality channels, new channels only need 1 day to access.

    Latest listing rules, channel pass rate of100%

    Dedicated personnel configuration, reducing access barriers and improving efficiency.

  • Easy access

    1 access, domestic and overseas dual end distribution

    The code layer only needs to configure 2 parameters

    Supports access methods such as unity3d, ue4, Android, IOS, etc

Ultra SDK Capability Graph

Powerful aggregation function

  • Aggregating 100+ mainstream channels in China and overseas.

  • Aggregating mainstream advertising plugins both in China and overseas.

  • Aggregating mainstream payment methods and third-party payments both domestically and internationally

  • Aggregating mainstream domestic and international data and market plugins

More business capabilities

Provide a customer-centric high-quality service experience

Provided the most suitable access process for customers with or without distribution experience

  • Before Accessing

    ·Exclusive operator for 1v1 conference access guidance

    ·Rich industry knowledge base, reducing access barriers for intervention personnel

  • Accessing

    ·Exclusive operators help you configure relevant parameters, eliminating your configuration time

    ·Provide comprehensive access documentation to address any difficulties or complications during access

  • Before listing

    ·Technical personnel can help you solve the problems in the access process 24 hours a day

    ·Provide the latest channel listing review checklist, with 100% of channel reviews passed

  • After listing

    ·24-hour risk warning, monitoring online accidents, and reducing customer losses

    ·Regular customer follow-up to continuously improve potential customer needs

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Cooperative clients

Customers are in no particular order

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Access UltraSDK now!

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